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Ultra-Scan specialises in calf dehorning/disbudding, saving you time, energy, and manpower at one of the busiest times of the year.

Our 'MPI approved" system is efficient, hygienic & minimises the stress while dehorning calves, with the use of local anaesthesia.

Ultra-Scan use LPG gas burners when dehorning calves between four days and 10 weeks of age. Whilst dehorning calves, they are restrained in our purpose-built calf crates. Our technicians are annually certified by vets by way of a VOI (Veterinary Operating Instruction) 

IHC Calf Scheme calves are dehorned free of charge as our way of supporting this great initiative.

Disbudding calves in a calf dehorning crate
Goat kids ready for disbudding

Kid Disbudding

Goat kid disbudding using the same technology and systems as used for calf disbudding is an additional service offered through Ultra-Scan King Country. Hygienic and efficient, saving you time and energy during a busy time of the year.

What our clients say...

“We use Ultra-Scan because the calves do not get knocked out. It is a quick, efficient service with far less stress on the calves.”

- Wilbert & Raewyn Smolders

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