Ultra-Scan specialises in calf disbudding/dehorning, saving you time, energy, and manpower at one of the busiest times of the year.

Our 'MPI approved" system is efficient, hygienic & minimises the stress while disbudding calves, with the use of local anaesthesia.

Ultra-Scan use LPG gas burners when disbudding calves between four days and 10 weeks of age. Whilst disbudding calves, they are restrained in our purpose-built calf crates. Our technicians are annually certified by vets by way of a VOI (Veterinary Operating Instruction) 

Kid Disbudding

Goat kid disbudding using the same technology and systems as used for calf disbudding is an additional service offered through Ultra-Scan King Country and Ultra-Scan Eastern Waikato. Hygienic and efficient, saving you time and energy during a busy time of the year.

What our clients say...

“We use Ultra-Scan because the calves do not get knocked out. It is a quick, efficient service with far less stress on the calves.”

- Wilbert & Raewyn Smolders

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