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Ultra-Scan was established in 1994 with the introduction of ultrasonic equipment for pregnancy testing in cows.

Our Story

Ultra-Scan has grown over the years by building a strong network of franchisees across New Zealand. While our primary focus is pregnancy scanning of dairy cows using the latest equipment, we also offer a variety of on-farm services, including calf disbudding, de-teating, DNA sampling, and EID calf tagging. In some regions, we also provide specialised deer, goat, and sheep scanning services.

In 2024, we are entering an exciting new chapter with the addition of new owners Glenn Chambers and Bianca Bothma. Their combined expertise and diverse backgrounds make them an exceptional team to lead Ultra-Scan forward.

As a family-owned and operated business based in New Zealand, we take pride in our commitment to supporting the local farming community. We aim to provide exceptional services and innovate to meet the needs of farmers, always striving for excellence and customer satisfaction.

New Owners

Ultra-Scan proudly introduces the new owners of Ultra-Scan, Glenn Chambers and Bianca Fourie! These two dynamic individuals bring a wealth of diverse experiences and expertise to the company. Together, Glenn and Bianca form a powerhouse team, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences that perfectly complement one another. Their unwavering passion for the business and commitment to excellence make them the ideal custodians of Ultra-Scan.

Glenn Chambers

Glenn brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Ultra-Scan, having earned an Agricultural Science Degree and Diploma from Massey University. His deep-rooted passion for the agricultural sector is evident in his 14 years of dairy farming experience, nine of which are spent owning a herd of 220 cows, which is now a perfect scanning and disbudding training ground for new franchisees.

Glenn's journey includes DIY artificial insemination and running a small-scale livestock and bull trading operation on his lifestyle block in Matamata. His hands-on expertise and industry insights make him a valuable asset to the team.

Glenn's commitment to excellence and in-depth understanding of the intricacies of dairy farming position him as an industry leader.

In his spare time, Glenn is an avid fisherman, trail rider, camper, and devoted family man, enjoying quality time with his partner and their three children.

Bianca Bothma

Bianca has an impressive background in business management, holding a diploma in the field and boasting 13 years of industry experience. She founded a rapid drug testing manufacturing company in South Africa, supplying schools, businesses, and recovery centres. Under her leadership, the company quickly became the largest in its field within its first year.

After this entrepreneurial success, Bianca moved to New Zealand in 2017, where she managed the day-to-day operations of the country's largest podiatry employer for six years. Her role involved overseeing 26 locations nationwide, including franchise management, demonstrating her exceptional leadership and organisational skills.

Outside of work, Bianca enjoys spending her time at the beach, going for walks, camping, and exploring the stunning landscapes of New Zealand.



To provide Farmers with the highest level of customer service through professionalism, innovation, quality, commitment, and communication.


To lead the agricultural sector in advanced pregnancy scanning and related services. We strive for excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, supporting the growth and well-being of the farming community.

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