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Our primary focus is pregnancy scanning of dairy cows using the latest in real time ultra-sonic equipment. Our qualified technicians provide professional services with scan results delivered within 24 hours. Contact your local Ultra-Scan Technician


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Ultra-Scan specialises in calf disbudding using a system that is hygienic and efficient, saving you time, energy and manpower. The use of anaesthesia during disbudding is company policy, causing minimal stress to your calves. Contact your local Ultra-Scan Technician


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Are you looking to be self-employed and work in the rural environment? Then join our nationally recognised brand with a team of over franchisees. Contact Ultra-Scan

About Ultra-Scan

Our mission is to provide farmers the highest levels of customer service through professionalism, innovation, quality, commitment and communication.

Our team of qualified and professional franchisees pride themselves on delivering superior farm services to their local community.

"I'm using Ultra-Scan on my farm again this season. They are easy to deal with before the job, the scanning was fast, and the calving dates were accurate. They know their way around MINDA PRO and made sure the results were turned into useful information. Getting the reports the day after scanning meant no delays in choosing culls. And, I like knowing it's going to be the same people doing the whole operation, no surprises. Definitely value for money."

Paul Stewart, Dorie Dairy Farmer

1800 cows

Who is Ultra-Scan?

Ultra-Scan was first established in 1994 when a system using ultra-sonic equipment was introduced to pregnancy test cows. The system that was developed is now a proven concept in the dairy industry and is still the preferred system of pregnancy scanning today.

Ultra-Scan has developed through a strong network of franchisees through-out New Zealand and has expanded to offer a number of on farm services including disbudding calves, de-teating, DNA sampling, EID calf tagging, and in some parts of the country deer, goat and sheep scanning.

Our experienced dedicated team are here to provide critical information which enables you to make accurate and profitable management decisions.

ULTRA SCAN LIMITEDKevin & Jayne Westbury and Caren & David McDonald - Ultra-Scan Ltd

Ultra-Scan Services

  • Cow Pregnancy Scanning Pregnancy Scanning is relatively simple, time efficient and causes minimal stress to the cows. Cows can be scanned during milking on a rotary platform or between milkings in a herringbone shed. read more »
  • Calf Disbudding Ultra-Scan disbudding is hygienic, efficient and causes minimal stress to the calf. All disbudding is carried out using local anaesthetic. read more »
  • Pregnancy Scanning - Sheep, Goats and Deer External Scanning suitable for sheep, goats and deer is an additional service is offered by Ultra-Scan King Country. read more »
  • Kid Disbudding Kid disbudding is an additional service offered by Ultra-Scan King Country using the same technology and system used for calf disbudding. read more »
  • Additional Farm Services
    • DNA Sampling
    • Spare Teat Removal
    • Vaccinations
    • Tagging
    • Elastration of Bull Calves
    read more »

Franchise Business Opportunities

"When we signed up with Ultra-Scan our lawyer thought that it was one of the fairest franchise agreements that he had seen, especially since you buy the security of an Exclusive Territory."

- Murray & Bronwyn Braven, Western Southland


"I just love working with livestock and interacting with farmers. Being able to do this and still have my weekends free for my family makes Ultra-Scan my dream business."

- Kevin Westbury, Eastern Waikato


You don't have to compete with the best, you work with them!

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Franchise Opportunities current exits in the following regions:


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